The Fox Foundation provides funding and other resources to innovative nonprofits so they can realize their full potential for impact.

Bold leaders are the drivers of social change. Investing in their success is critical to achieving our vision.

Alliance for College Ready Public Schools students at the Fox Foundation
Alliance for College Ready Public Schools students at the Fox Foundation


We are dedicated to breaking down barriers people face in realizing their full potential.

Focus Areas

Limited access to food, shelter, healthcare, education, personal enrichment opportunities, and meaningful employment can keep people from realizing their full potential. Accordingly, the Fox Foundation focuses our resources in these critical areas:

Eligible nonprofits disrupt the cycle of generational poverty and support economic mobility for people belonging to historically under-invested in groups by:

increasing access to meaningful employment and creating career pathways;
providing professional development and certification opportunities; and/or
fostering entrepreneurial knowledge and skills.

Eligible nonprofits advance education equity for children and youth impacted by trauma, poverty, racism, ableism, and other forms of systemic bias by:

increasing access to high-quality PK-12th grade academic and enrichment programs.
promoting college admission and graduation.
offering career mentorship and internship opportunities.

Eligible nonprofits contribute to positive systems change that uplifts women, people of color, and other historically underinvested in or discriminated against groups by:

raising public awareness of social issues and inequities;
providing free or affordable legal services; and/or
engaging in social justice policy development and advocacy.

Eligible nonprofits contribute to the immediate and long-term  health and wellbeing of individuals, communities, and the planet by:

promoting environmental justice and sustainability;
advancing health equity by increasing access to mental and physical healthcare for people from all backgrounds and in all stages of life; and/or
increasing access to safe, affordable housing and healthy food.

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All forms of systemic bias and oppression undermine progress toward a just and thriving society. Every individual’s ability to realize their full potential is affected by their environment, support systems, and the opportunities they have to pursue a fulfilling life and livelihood. Achieving our vision relies on addressing societal inequities that diminish access to these resources and opportunities. All aspects of the Fox Foundation’s work are grounded in these beliefs and our core values.








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